Interior Design 

modern interior design of the living room in Zhuravli residential complex



Interior design servises


Interior Design 

▪ technical specifications 

▪ planning desigion

▪ 3D visualization 

▪ working drawings



▪ cost of required building materials

▪ cost of works

▪ cost of instruments 

▪ logistics


Author`s supervision

▪ communication with contractors

▪ verification of works 

▪ coordination of changes 

▪ reservation of furniture, equipment etc.






How long does an interior design project take?


The term for completing a design project varies from 60 working days.


How Much Does An Interior Designer Cost?


The cost of the design project is calculated individually.


How to order an interior design?


To order a design project, call us at tel. +380955836203 or write to any of the messengers convenient for you. 


How we are working?


1. Meeting. Discussion of the draft and technical requirement.

2. Agreement. An agreement of contract offers.

3. Measurements. On-site measurement and photofixation.

4. Idea. Concept design, various of planning solutions.

5. 3D visualization. Photorealistic 3D visualization of all space.

6. Drawings. Working drawings and specifications.


Interior design process


1. First meeting with designer.
2. Exploring the challenge ahead
3. Planning development.
4. Interior sketches.
5. Final 3D renderings.
6. Creation of working drawings.


What is the process of interior design creation in Intuition Design studio?


Interior design - is the creation of a single organism, where space, form, function, technologies, light, colours and textures are harmoniously combined and serve for the use of man. The Intuition Design studio develops interior of any complexity always striving to high-quality solutions.

In the Intiution Design studio designers, architecs, engeneers, technologists and decorators work on the designing. Experts from related fields also consult us on the use of modern materials and technologies. But the main job takes place between the orderer and designer. Before proceeding to design an interior, the designer asks you about who will use the interior and how. Describe, what are your expectations for the future interior. Show the examples of interiors you like. For mutual understanding, we want to know what inspires you. We will find a uniqiue image for your interior, where every detail emphasizes the unique nature of the space.

We can do the interior design project worldwide remotely.


Сategories of real estate

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Studio principles

Why you need interior design?

What I will do after the interior design project?

Why do you need an estimate?

What is author's supervision?

What are the advantages of repair with author's supervision?

What is implementation of interior design?


The implementation of interior design is the management of repairs without the participation of the customer.