Why you need design
The design project is a first step on the way from dream to its embodiment. Everyone dreams that a place where he lives — will become a cozy home, and a place where he works — will become a favorite job. And on the way he'll run in the most beautiful coffee house in the world to take a portion of morning vivacity. Our condition of joy and comfort directly depends on our surrounding. It is possible to design joy, but for this we need a good designer of interior.
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Ecostyle Apartment
A desire to be closer to nature and get rid of an excess is completely natural in conditions of urbanized environment. Our home is a place we think about with smile and place, where we want to come back. But for each of us a perfect interior will be absolutely different.
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Mid-century Modern House
To implement this project, we have chosen the general principle of open space and common finishing materials. But despite this, each separate zone should have had its mood and atmosphere. Veneered MDF panels of different colors and textures, glossy and matte, perfectly came up with this task. The contrast of wooden and concrete textures has brought even more warmth in the interior, and the white panels with velvety surface made living room bright and cosy.
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