intuition design ex / in terior design studio
Intuition Design is Ukrainian studio of contemporary design and architecture

Our design projects aim at creating a unique and individual space for everyone. The pursuit of excellence and attention to detail allows us to create architecture and interiors that reflect your values. This is how the unique character of each project is born. It can be bold and stunning or subtle and sensual - exclusively yours.



We study the character and lifestyle of each client to make design as functional and practical as possible. Whether it is an apartment, a private house, an office, a cafe or a restaurant - the interior must be thoughtful, easily serviced and bring joy. When designing apartments, it is important to maximize the potential of the space and to identify its advantages and disadvantages. This approach avoids unpleasant surprises in the renovation and future use of the premises. Modern interior design of apartments and houses is oriented on convenience, time saving, organization of everyday life and non-standard attitude to space. We are careful to create a planning solution to properly and rationally distribute the living space.

Some of our projects
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How we are working
1. Meeting

Discussion of the draft
and technical requirement.

2. Agreement

An agreement of contract

3. Measurements

On-site measurement
and photofixation.

4. Idea and 3D visualization

Concept design, various of
planning solutions, 3D
visualization of all spaces.

5. Drawings

Working drawings and

6. Author's supervision

Control of work compliance
with design.

Interior design


Interior Design 

▪ technical specifications 

▪ planning desigion

▪ 3D visualization 

▪ working drawings


▪ cost of required building materials

▪ cost of works

▪ cost of instruments 

▪ logistics

Author`s supervision

▪ communication with contractors

▪ verification of works 

▪ coordination of changes 

▪ reservation of furniture, equipment etc.








Architecture – is our method of informed and positive influence on surrounding world. We set a task to take care for our clients and our common house – our planet, by forming a space as a narration, intriguing and inspiring. Together with you, we are looking for a new image of habitat, unlimited with dogmas, highly technological, aesthetically joyful and certainly, comfortable.





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Architectural design



Architectural project includes the general plan of a land plot, development of a floorplan and building architecture, all building drawings and specifications of finishing materials.


Architectural project includes:


  • drawing up technical specifications
  • the planning desigion
  • photorealistic 3D visualization
  • working drawing and specifications 



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You will receive the cost estimate for materials and works to understand the budget and plan the process of repairs, compiled according to your project.


Budgeting includes:


  • the list and the cost of required building and finishing materials
  • name, scope and the cost of works
  • the list and the cost of instruments required for work
  • logistics



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Author`s supervision



Author's supervision - is a architect's support of the project realization. It is needed to control the compliance of the performed constructional and finishing works with the architecture project.


Author's supervision includes:


  • visit to the facility for communication with contractors
  • verification of works conformity to the project
  • coordination of changes in project with client
  • reservation of finishing materials



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Product design


Product design

▪ drawing up technical specifications

▪ drafts

▪ photorealistic 3D visualization

▪ drawings for performers

▪ specifications of materials


▪ drawing up technical specifications for production

▪ recruitment of contractors and performers

▪ time schedule for the works

▪ control 

▪ monitoring the qualuty of execution


Architectural visualization






Photorealistic visualization is a great opportunity to present your product. Visualization, performed according to the real sizes and different illumination modes, permits client to see and realize the final outlook of his project. Laboratory of Intuition Design offers this instrument above all for colleagues, architects and designers as a guarantee of complete mutual understanding in work with clients.





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Architectural visualization



Creation of 3D images of architectural objects, landscape and elements of improvement



  • drawing up technical specifications for visualization
  • 3D modeling
  • alignment of perspectives
  • creation of photorealistic images




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Interior vizualization



Creation of 3D images of living rooms and public areas interiors.


  • drawing up technical specifications for visualization
  • 3D modeling of object according to the technical specification
  • alignment of perspectives and its number
  • creation of photorealistic images



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Product vizualization



Creation of photorealistic 3D images of interior and exterior objects


  • drawing up technical specifications for visualization
  • 3D object modeling according to the technical specification
  • alignment of perspectives and its number
  • creation of photorealistic images




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