Architectural design in Ukraine. Architectural project of a house made of wooden beams in a modern style


Architecture servises


Architectural design

▪ technical specifications 

▪ planning desigion

▪ 3D visualization 

▪ working drawings


▪ cost of required building materials

▪ cost of works

▪ cost of instruments 

▪ logistics

Author`s supervision

▪ communication with contractors

▪ verification of works 

▪ coordination of changes 

▪ reservation of furniture, equipment etc.





What is architecture design?

Intuition Design specializes on creation of building architectural design, improvement and interior designing. Each project - is an individual decigion, based on your values and needs. Architectural project of house - is a set of documents, that describes external view and internal structure of the building.

Architectural project includes the general plan of a land plot, development of a floorplan and building architecture, all building drawings and specifications of finishing materials.


Why you need architectural design?

Project task - is to determine a layout of the building, how it will look like, where will be built. After creating a project - all stages of consrtuction are determined. Project is a technical specification for designing of structural and engineering sections of the draft and contains all information for finishing materials purchase. This is the straight point in any construction.


Who needs an architectural design?

Architectural design is needed to everyone, who has plan to building and want to go through this process according to the plan, with a projected budget, term and result.


When do you need an architect?

Construction work begins in the spring, when the frosts pass. By this time, it is necessary to have a ready architectural project, structural sections of the project and a budget for construction work. With this information, you will be able to competently plan all processes and financing.


How much does an architectural project cost?

The cost of the architectural project is calculated individually.