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Architectural project of a private house


Every person who is tired of the fast-paced city life wishes for a comfortable home. Aspiration for peace and own space is the natural need of modern man. A modern home means functionality, autonomy, and efficiency. To build such a house – you need to prepare a high-quality architectural design. An architectural project – is a set of documents, that describe the exterior and interior structure of the house. With the help of a project, you can see how your future house will look after the construction and adjust the solutions in the preparatory phase of construction. Project for builders – is a detailed instruction on how to build a house, a way to calculate the number of materials, organize their purchase, and plan the sequence of works. This will help to avoid possible mistakes and additional costs. 



Why do we need an architectural project for a private house or cottage?

If you are going to build a modern house, you need to understand that this home must serve for decades, be thoughtful and comfortable to use, be easy to maintain, and not require repair every season. The choice of materials the house is built of should correspond to the way you will use the house. 


How to prepare for ordering an architectural project?

1. Think over, what should be located on the plot: a garage, a gazebo, a barbecue area, a garden, a swimming pool, etc. This will help to organize the plot from the very beginning of the design.
2. Make a list of all the necessary rooms in the house.
3. Collect photos of all the houses you like by style, character, and mood. Keep all the details that inspire you. This will help us to understand your wishes and preferences. 
4. Number of storeys. A one-storeyed house is easier to maintain, while a two-storeyed occupies less space on the plot, is warmer, and economically more profitable.
5. Preferences in the choice of building materials for the house.


 What are the advantages of building the house through an architectural project? 

1. Construction of comfortable and convenient accommodation
2. Well-designed constructions of the house
3. Correct construction of the building process
4. Budget forecasting



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