Home workspace design

More and more people prefer to work at home. Hard-working people all over the world want to make a creative and inspiring atmosphere for their working places at home. No matter how much space you allocate for your home office – a small working place or the whole room – this place must be quiet and secluded, so nothing could distract your attention. If a part of premise is allocated for home office – a space can be zoned with the help of light constructions or racks. The illumination of a working place must be even and sufficient. Light shouldn't blind the eyes, that's why it is better to hide the built-in lighting into pockets above the working zone and apply good diffusers. The backlights are better  to be neutral and warm. Neutral and color lighting can be combined for a change. So, using  the RGB backlights, we can create the workplace atmosphere according to the mood. It is important to calculate the ergonomics of the workplace correctly. The height of the desktop should be chosen according to your height, as well as it is better to get an armchair with an adjustable seat height. Specialists also recommend sitting at the desk on a fit ball. It provides the properly distributed load on the spine. There are also special desk constructions with the adjustable height of a worktop. A sedentary lifestyle not always good for our health, that's why it is vital to avoid discomfort during the time spent at the desk. 






Choose the calm colors and natural materials for workplace decoration and furnishing. It helps to create a relaxed atmosphere during work time. You must feel comfortable. 


Workplace functionality

The bigger surface of the working desk - the more  comfortable you feel. Either long and shallow, or deep surface of the worktop can be used. The main thing - is not to clutter the workplace, but to provide the working zone with the storage cabinets above or below the desk and convenient racks nearby. A well organized work desk promotes concentration and attention.