Preparing to communicate with the interior designer


After you have settled on specialists you will work with, it is necessary to collect materials for the first project discussion.




Take for the meeting a PRA (Property Registration Agency) plan or a floorplan, given by builder. With the help of a floorplan designer will be immediately able to evaluate the situation and understand the space functionality.  



Take photos of apartment or house in current state, to see the nuances of premises and understand the state of apartment now. If you want to keep some interior items from your previous apartment, you should show them to the designer, so he could define a place for them in your future apartment.




Discuss with the designer how do you imagine your new home, so that every your need was met. Designer will help to structurize your idea of the dream apartment. Examples of interiors are needed for mutual understanding during the interior discussion. Collect pictures that inspires you, to tell the general impression, mood and style of interior.



Decide, when do you plan to start the repair works. If there is a rush – designer will provide you with some part of drawings to start the works once after the planning decision is designed. So you could start as quickly as possible. If there is no rush – it is better to wait for completion of project works. It takes approximately two month to develop a good quality design project of interior, so it is important to understand, when do you want to start a repair and prepare in advance.



The main task that designer faces - is to collect as many information about your lifestyle, preferences, hobbies and family composition as possible. It is necessarily to inform a specialist about all nuances, because features of the interior organization depends on them. Good quality interior design of apartment can be done only considering your ideas of comfortable accommodation, habits, wishes, requirements to the functioning and lighting. Don't forget to inform about your pets, designer will choose the resistant materials and coating, so that living in new apartment could bring joy to your family.